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Step 1: Introduction to Fractions

This series of Khan Academy videos will illustrate the basics of fractions and how to recognize them.

Step 2: Comparing fractions

Fractions are a part of your everyday life. They appear in pizzas, candy bars, and even gasoline prices!

In this exploration, you will compare fractions with different names.

Step 3: What's in-between?

Now that you know how to compare the sizes of two fractions, you will explore the space in between two fractions.

Are there any fractions bigger than 2/3 but smaller than 3/5? Use this exploration to find out!

Step 4: Making things equal

In this final exploration, you will learn about equivalence. How can you tell if two fractions are equal to each other?

Many people can name a fraction that is equal to 1/2. Can you name some that are equal to 3/5? What about 9/10?


Test your skill at Equivalent Fractions Bingo.

Discovery Education

Add the fractions.


Try your luck at this fraction game.


Choose your level and match the fractions.


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